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Mock Draft Counter - Update

It looked like perhaps Jeremy Maclin might take a significant dive in our count this time around.  His name did not appear in the first 10 mock drafts I looked at, but he made a comeback toward the end and still placed second.  This was by far, and to be expected, the most diverse count so far, with 14 players placing in at least 2 mock drafts. I thought Percy Harvin was going to be shut out, but he made a few appearances late.

Total of mock drafts: 79    Update Date of Mocks: > Mar. 1

Player Position College Mocks
Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland 22
Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri 13
Hakeem Nicks WR UNC 7
Aaron Maybin LB Penn St. 6
Larry English LB N. Illinois 5
Tyson Jackson DE LSU 4
Mark Sanchez QB USC 3
Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech 3
2 votes - Everette Brown, Eben Britton, Michael Oher, Vontae Davis, Peria Jerry, Rey Maualuga
1 vote - Josh Freeman, Malcom Jenkins, William Beatty, Robert Ayers