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The Cutler Den - 4/1/09


Note: The Bears Den has officially changed its name to The Cutler Den for today. Save one story, the rest involve Jay Cutler.

In The Den

David Haugh writes on the ongoing saga with Cutler and why the Bears need to get involved.

Brad Biggs does the exact same thing as Haugh.

So does Mike Imrem of the Daily Herald.

In this next installment of "Everyone react to the same story," Kevin Allen of the Sun-Times discusses the same thing everyone else is.

Greg Couch of the Sun-Times comes very close to suggesting fans rise up with pitchforks and go to Halas Hall if we don't get Cutler.

Who's interested in Cutler? Biggs delves into the potential new homes for him.

PFT wonders if Cutler is focusing more on damage control.

On the official Broncos site, Jay Cutler is not on the depth chart and there are no Cutler jerseys for sale.

In the Vicinity of The Den

Mr. Negativity talks about the possibility of signing Orlando Pace. I gotta give it to him: This article does make sense.

Not Even In The Same Universe as The Den

Bridget Moynahan's friends are going after Gisele Bundchen about Tom's kid or something. I didn't read past the first paragraph.

Plaxico's hearing on his gun charge is moved to June.

UPDATE (12:05 PM): Brett Favre has signed a one-year tender with the Ravens.