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NightLink: Ken Lucas + Bears = No Contract Talk

Cornerback Ken Lucas gave a radio interview today and stated that contract talks had not occurred during his visit to Halas Hall on Monday.  From the Trib:

Cornerback Ken Lucas, formerly of the Carolina Panthers, said on WMVP-AM 1000 Wednesday morning that his visit with the Bears did not include contract discussions.

"To be honest, we never spoke contract at all," he said. "It was me really just coming to Chicago just to get a feel for the coaches, the personnel department. Contract was not even spoken or talked about."

The article also mentions that the Bears are only "lukewarm" in ther interest in Lucas, but that we would be his #1 choice. 

Hey, the way I see it, whay wouldn't the Bears be a cornerback's first choice?  We have a head coach who is calling the defensive plays, a defensive coordinator who is coaching the linebackers, and a former head coach coming off of an 0-16 season working with our DLine.  Of course we are his 1st choice!