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The Weekend Bears Den - 4/11/09



....where we have already copyrighted Rashied "Dropopotamus" Davis, effective fall 2008!

In The Den

Ladies and gents, give it up for Steve Rosenbloom!

This makes three, count 'em, three consecutive positive Bears posts. As your reward, Steve, you will no longer be called Mr. Negativity.

The Chicago Tribune posted a piece on Mel Kiper's latest mock draft late yesterday afternoon. Here at Windy City Gridiron, we brought that information to you a day and a half earlier. Just sayin :)

Here's the essence of this story: Jay Cutler and Jared Allen are friends, but Jared Allen is already running his yap about sacking Cutler next year. Have fun getting around Orlando, stud.

Chris Williams isn't worried about moving from left to right tackle. My favorite part of the article? "You can put me at free safety if you want as long as I’m playing." Might take you up on that sooner than you think.

Brad Biggs talks about Alabama FS Rashad Johnson and if the Bears should keep an eye on him come draft day.

I brought you a story last week about Kevin Ogletree, the WR from Virginia. Turns out, he has some friends on the Bears, and the organization seems high on him.

Nowhere Near The Den

The NFL is inviting ten prospects (up from six last year) to the draft in NYC. Josh Freeman got invited, which means we'll get to watch him sweat for at least two hours come April 25th.

Jeffri Chadiha breaks down the smartest and dumbest moves of the offseason. Where did the Cutler trade fit it? #1 of the dumbest, but here's why:

1. The Denver Broncos trade quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears: I realize the Bears gave up a ton to get their hands on Cutler. But let's not forget that he led the league's second-ranked offense despite operating with a running game that saw eight different backs land on injured reserve. The last time I checked, NFL teams have a hard time finding Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Even with Kyle Orton and some high draft picks now in the fold, new Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels is about to learn how tough it is to win without a big-time player at that position.