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Pick Your Poison - Wide Receivers


We have batted around many different scenarios with what the Bears should do with their draft now that we have Jay Cutler and don't have a first round pick. I decided to attempt to put together some sort of official WCG draft chart. I am going to use WCG's draft guru, ChiFan13's, rankings as a basis. Check out them our for a refresher. These were made prior to the Combine and workouts, so I have added any person who may have since risen to a 2nd round consideration.

These are only receivers that based on the rankings may be available in the second round. At this point we aren't going to deal with the need to trade up or trade down, just pick the guy you'd like to see the Bears go after.

We will do a similar process for OL, S and DT. Then I'll pull the winners and we'll have a Best of Show vote to determine who our choice for the Bears 2nd Round pick is.

This is a deep class for wide receivers. Based on mocks I've seen up to 6 receivers taken in the first and another 5-10 in the next two rounds.