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The Bears Den - 4/16/09



In the Den 

CF: Well, it's official. Steve Rosenbloom sounds like me. Don't believe me? His title involves Rashied Davis staying the hell away from the Bears. I don't know whether to be excited or dismayed at this point.

Dan Pompei's top tight ends in the draft.

David Haugh discusses why the Bears won't take a WR with their 2nd round pick. They want "value over need." Terrific. Jerry takes one step forward, get everyone's hopes up, and he'll crush them harder than Lance Briggs' Lambo.

Speaking of David Haugh, he breaks down the schedule.

Biggs's draft need #12: Center

Speaking of the draft and beating topics to death, let's take a look at another article about Rashad Johnson.

Go over to the official Bears site and sign up for their draft challenge. It's not really a competition; it's more of a blueprint for Jerry Angelo.

Larry Mayer has a bunch of facts and figures about the 2009 NFL schedule. Check it out.

In the Vicinity of the Den 

So you didn't like the lady that Cutler is spending time about the one Wale is hanging around with?


Nowhere Near the Den 

The Jags just gave Maurice Jones-Drew a new 4-year deal.

Is Adam Schefter heading to ESPN?