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The Cutler Dimension

The addition of Sir Jay Cutler has been celebrated by this site for exactly two weeks now.

So the time has come for me to talk about what can actually do for us.


I don't like seeing Cutler in Broncos Uni now that he is a Bear.

Jay Cutler:

Born: April 29, 1983

Ht. 6’3"

Wt. 232

40yd: 4.77

Benched: 23 times

Wonderlic: 26

Follow inside for a breakdown….

Jay has an amazing ability to move around and outside the pocket, combined with his accuracy on the move and his incredible arm strength, he defines the West Coast Quarterback……

Wait a second.... the West Coast is a quick throwing, accurate, marginally mobile, doesn’t have the strongest arm QB….. Why did we get Cutler?

Why? Because Cutler is young, talented and smart, he makes great throws and is accurate with the deep ball. Although Turners offense is not meant to have a cannon QB the only time it really fires on all cylinders is when they have an substantial deep attack (see early 2006 when the team was a leader in scoring).

Also, having a QB like Cutler will keep the SS out of the box setting up Forte for more 7 man fronts. That allows him significantly more opportunities to break long runs, as well as opening up the bootleg passing game and the tight end flats and crosses. His mobility will help to protect the offensive line from costly Kyle Orton stripped because he couldn’t get away from one defender mistakes.

Another plus: he has big hands so no fumbling the snap right after you got a turnover in the biggest game of your life.

My Take:

With the addition of a WR expect the offense to put up 25 plus points per game. Rex did it and I'm certain that Jay is better. I also see Ron Turner making more of the playbook open to Jay than was open to either Grossman or Orton. (The short passing game was closed to Grossman and the deep was closed to Orton.) The only hiccups we can expect to have are Jay having trouble learning the playbook, and our O line not having time to gel together.