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Late NightLink: Drug Tests and Anquan Boldin


This NightLink has two parts and have nothing to do with the other.

Anquan Boldin: Not Happening

We're not getting Boldin. Get used to that fact now. We have little to offer the Cardinals, plus, Jerry got his one big trade out of the way.

So, how can this trade end up in our favor?

He gets traded to someone who has a need at WR. Sounds logical enough, right? Well, if a team who needs a WR gets Boldin, there is always the possibility that a decent WR would slip to where we draft in the 2nd. Not saying we'll be able to pick up Kenny Britt, but one can hope.

26 Players failed drug test at NFL Combine

This isn't as exciting as the last report (which falsely accused specific players), but interesting nonetheless. A total of 26 players failed the test for either drugs or banned substances.

Your assignment is to guess who failed, and I'll give you one freebie: Percy Harvin.