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The Bears Den - 4/17/09



In the Den 

David Haugh discusses why Anquan Boldin won't be a Chicago Bear.

Vaughn McClure holds out some hope, bringing up the fact that many
thought the Bears wouldn't pull the trigger on Cutler.

Steve Rosenbloom wants Torry Holt. Badly.

Dan Pompei's top kickers and punters in the NFL Draft.

Brad Biggs surmises that the Bears could pick up Kevin Ogletree if
they don't pick up a WR in the 2nd round.

Biggs also shoots down the Boldin trade idea.

In the Vicinity of the Den 

Lance Briggs is adding a new skill to his talent set, which should really set him apart: Levitation.


Nowhere Near the Den 

I appreciate the fact that these guys are kids and I will also give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was all just a joke. However, in today's age, you have to know something like this is a) wrong, but b) it will come out when people start digging. This isn't a new process anymore.