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The Weekend Bears Den - 4/19/09


...where we're bragging to our former college teammates that we're signing for a team that hasn't and might not signed us.

In The Den

Dan Pompei details the top defensive tackles in the draft.

Brad Biggs discusses the Bears' need #8: Inside linebacker.

Bob LeGere previews the linebackers in the draft.

Bob LeGere also previews the defensive linemen in the draft.

Dan Arkush doesn't see Cutler as the brat media types have portrayed him to be. He also said Cutler is looking forward to working with our current receiving corps.

Dan Pompei thinks the Bears should take the best available, not a need.

In The Vicinity of The Den

Congrats to the Chicago Bulls for their win over Boston yesterday! Next game: Monday night @ Boston, 6 PM CDT airing on TNT.

Drug test results will be going to the NFL teams next Monday or Tuesday. It will be interesting to see if B.J. Raji did indeed test positive.

Nowhere Near The Den

Percy Harvin cancelled his visit to the Giants. Seems a wee bit odd.

Aaron Curry's agents are meeting with the Lions. In a related story, Matthew Stafford has been telling his former Georgia teammates that he expects to sign with the Lions and receive $40 mil guaranteed. All the best.