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I'm Sorry, Jerry

Dear Jerry,

Since the McCaskey's hired a firm to hire you, I've hated your guts. Your drafting of 1st-round talent is about as successful as Rashied Davis is at catching balls. You rarely make any decent FA moves. Foresight, especially in relation to player contracts, is not one of your strong suits. Never has and never will be.

Late during the evening of March 31st, Jay Cutler was made available to the NFL. I knew that you have an eclectic way of going about your job, and I figured this was no different.

SackMan's sig:

You win because of the quarterback. We have to get that position stabilized. We're fixated on that. We know it's the most valuable position on the football team. We've gone through so many scenarios at that position we can write a book, moreso on what not do.

That was spoken by you on December 30, 2008.

Let's make it a long story actually traded for Jay Cutler. And signed Orlando Pace.

I apologize.

I'm sorry for saying that you didn't possess the testicular fortitude to make a trade.

I'm sorry for saying that you were/looked like a hobbit. Let's be real really do look like one.

I'm sorry for saying that you were a clueless imbecile. Granted, some will say that you vastly overpaid for a whiny Pro-Bowl QB, but you at least made a move. A+ to you, sir.

If you went over to our subordinate site (click this link), you would see comments such as "I hope they feed him sugar" (DN writer) to "they'll be WC favorites" (DN owner). Don't worry. They don't matter....not even a little bit.

Again, I'm sorry. I owe you,