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The Bears Den - 4/20/09


...where we're celebrating how good the Chicago sports teams really are.

In The Den

Brad Biggs's need #9: Strong safety.

Dan Pompei runs through the top defensive ends in the draft.

The Bears brought in Kansas LB Mike Rivera last week. Could he be a late round selection?

Dan Pompei is a big believer of talent over need. Only one more week to find out if the Bears feel the same way.

In the Vicinity of the Den 


Nowhere Near The Den

Taking a closer look at some of the high-profile draftniks.

PFT delves deeper into the "White Nation" Facebook group involving Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing.

Jason Peters is an idiot. Seriously. Read this article and you'll understand why.

Michael Strahan told Anquan Boldin to stop running his mouth about his trade situation.