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The Bears Den - 4/22/09


 ....where we're infuriated that Rashied Davis will be our slot WR this year. Also, we're trying out an early version of The Den. Tell us if you love or hate having it early!

In The Den

Brad Biggs's need #5: CB.

Dan Pompei runs down his top OLB.

Bob LeGere takes a look at Rice TE and former White Sox pitcher James Casey.

Jerry Angelo discussed Sir Jay's nightlife activities. For the Sun Times version, click here. For the Tribune version, click here.

In another repeat story, DB Sherrod Martin is a prospect you probably haven't heard of. For the Sun Times version, click here. For the Tribune version, click here.

Bob LeGere is wary of the OT's in the draft, especially because a lot of them have character concerns.

Also, in a story long since dead but somehow brought back to life, LeGere reports that Plaxico Burress won't be a Bear.

Brad Biggs discusses the Cutler trade and how the OL was rebuilt for him.

Biggs also runs down the list of FA WR's the Bears could target after the draft.

Larry Mayer breaks down the OT's of this year's draft. 

Some info on the 2009 Bears Expo. Sir Jay and Urlacher will be in attendance, as will 22 other Bears.

Jerry Angelo is not committed to a WR in the 2nd round. You can read the Tribune's take here and the Sun Times here. To any follower of The Den, this is summed up in one word: Duh. Larry Mayer wrote yesterday how Jerry Angelo & Co. don't want to tip their hand and are currently guessing on what their counterparts are going to do.

At the same time, maybe Jerry's speaking in code:

"I don't want to draft a receiver and find out he's just a vanilla cone," Angelo said.

The general manager said he wants a receiver with twists and sprinkles on top.

"We want a guy with some juice to him," he said.

Would someone decipher this for me? I can't tell if Angelo was talking about getting a specific WR or if he was just that hungry for chocolate ice cream.