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WCG Mock Draft - The Indianapolis Colts Select...


Percy Harvin
Wide Receiver

ANALYSIS: Over the years, the Colts have made pretty well known the way they approach the first round on draft day. For this season, all signs point to wide receiver. Defensive tackle is a major weakness, but when hasn’t it been for the Colts? Ziggy Hood is a possibility, but I don’t think they’ll go that direction. Tight ends Shawn Nelson and Jared Cook both fit the Colts mold and would make nice eventual replacements for Dallas Clark while also letting them set up in their two tight end sets. I see them as definite possibilities here, especially if they don’t feel either will last till the second round. But I think the cutting of Marvin Harrison means that they have someone they’re eyeing in the draft. For some reason, I think it’s Harvin. Harvin isn’t the conventional type of player the Colts take, but paired with the smartest quarterback in the NFL, he gives them a huge big-play threat. He might not ever develop into a number one receiver, but playing for the Colts, they’ll be able to get him the ball in a variety of situations and utilize his strengths.

Pick Team Player Drafter Analysis
1 Detroit Matthew Stafford McRipper Details
2 St. Louis Jason Smith TCBullFrog Details
3 Kansas City Eugene Monroe sabbath999 Details
4 Seattle Michael Crabtree ChiFan13, GeauxBears Details
5 Cleveland Aaron Curry junkhorse Details
6 Cincinnati Michael Oher GeauxBears Details
7 Oakland Jeremy Maclin luckie815 Details
8 Jacksonville B.J. Raji Sackman Details
9 Green Bay Brian Orakpo ChiFan13 Details
10 San Francisco Robert Ayers toghanmahwini Details
11 Buffalo Everette Brown tempchad Details
12 Denver Rey Maualuga ifuwannacrownem Details
13 Washington Andre Smith tommite622 Details
14 New Orleans Malcom Jenkins isuarch80
15 Houston Clay Matthews chase17
16 San Diego Tyson Jackson gillrowdy
17 NY Jets Josh Freeman Bearsguy34
18 Denver Peria Jerry ifuwannacrownem
19 Tampa Bay Mark Sanchez JerBear50
20 Detroit Lions William Beatty tempchad
21 Philadelphia Knowshon Moreno rahulsriram
22 Minnesota Darrius Heyward-Bey ChiFan13
23 New England Chris 'Beanie' Wells Chanman25
24 Atlanta Brian Cushing Bear_Down
25 Miami Sean Smith GeauxBears
26 Baltimore Hakeem Nicks ChiFan13
27 Indianapolis Percy Harvin shinons


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Take a look at the draft order. If you are coming up, make sure you are keeping an eye on.