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From the Desk of WCG - 4/22/09

Today on the Dan "How can everybody see how big my head is if I'm on the radio?" Patrick show he was interviewing Kyle Orton and asked him what he was going to be doing this Saturday.  Orton responded that he wouldn't be watching the draft. When asked why, Orton replied: "It is about the most boring 10 hours I've ever seen."

So why do I love it so much?  I get more hyped up to watch the draft then some of the Super Bowls.  The draft doesn't start until 4 PM and the first Bears pick is at least 2 hours out unless they make a move.  Yet, I will be in my chair with my new Cutler jersey on at 11 AM to watch every single bit of draft coverage that NFLN or ESPN feels fit to publish.  I'll watch all the horrible cover stories and may even fight back a tear or two when watching some player who will be lucky to get drafted in the 6th round talk about how his brother is confined to a wheel chair and he took off two years of college ball to go to work and help raise him.

I'll openly root for the Vikings to miss another pick and for the Lions to select another wide receiver.  I'll cheer every time they talk about Mark Sanchez and I remember the mock draft they did on Shutdown Corner and they called Sanchez "The Dirty".  I'll be ecstatic when somebody trades up to 12 to get Josh Freeman, so the Jets can't have him.  I'll root for the Giants to take somebody that nobody in the audience has heard of because they hadn't bothered to remember any names past the top 10 on Mel's Big Board and boo their heads off and have no idea if they got a good player or not.

I root for trades, both up and down the draft.  I'll be on edge praying that Kenny Britt or Brian Robiskie fall to us.  When they don't, I'll be nervous, having no idea what the Bears are going to do now.  I'll be bummed when Britt is on the board and the Bears still don't take him and I'll read every post on this site about how the Bears GM is a moron when they pass over Ogletree, Tate and Barden in the 3rd, even though that same GM just brought us the best QB any of us have seen in our life times.

I'll root for Bill Polian to come over the desk at Kiper if he says they made the wrong pick.  I'll listen everytime Mike Mayock says somebody is a bender or a hip rocker or a road hog.

What is it about the draft that will make us sit through so much time of stuff that has nothing to do with our teams?  Is it hope that we move up and take the one great player?  Is it hope of improving the team?  Is it not wanting to be the guy who missed something fantastically awesome?  Is it wanting to make sure you are in front of the TV when the Bears do make their first pick?

I don't know what it is, but I love the draft and I'll be bummed out for the week after knowing it is over.

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