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Pick Your Poison - Bears 2nd Round Pick

We have batted around many different scenarios with what the Bears should do with their draft now that we have Jay Cutler and don't have a first round pick. I decided to attempt to put together some sort of official WCG draft chart. I am going to use WCG's draft guru, ChiFan13's, rankings as a basis. Check out them our for a refresher. These were made prior to the Combine and workouts, so I have added any person who may have since risen to a 2nd round consideration.

We will do a similar process for OL, S/CB and DT. Then I'll pull the winners and we'll have a Best of Show vote to determine who our choice for the Bears 2nd Round pick is.

Using the top 2 from each of the past Pick Your Poison's, lets see who comes out as the fan choice for the Bears. I know we didn't cover every position. We just ran out of time, but lets run with what we have. I've added a third receiver giving how close that vote was.