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Bears Drafting: How Do They Stack Up?

We've all tried to figure out how the Bears draft compared to their NFL counterparts. People have tried grading prospects immediately after a draft, which is worse than useless (yes, I'm looking at you, Mel Kiper). Others have based it strictly on statistics, which doesn't necessarily tell the whole story.

Michael Fry, a operations-management professor at Cornell, came up with a new (and more quantifiable) metric for players drafted from 1997 to 2004: how many snaps each player was on the field during their first five seasons.

Some of the league's winningest teams, like the Colts, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, ranked near the top -- a signal that good drafts are an integral part of their approach to team-building. But for many others, including recent Super Bowl winners like the Steelers, New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who finished near the bottom, show that for some teams, a mediocre draft is no impediment to greatness.

Want to know how the Bears did?

- Dead last in 1st round selections (41.40%)

- 17th in 1st through 3rd round selections (45.16%)

- 8th in 1st through 7th round selections (29.16%)

Are these numbers surprising to you?

Helmet tip: Momma ChiFan13