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The First Draft Day Den - 4/25/09

Bear_s-den_medium's the most wonderful time of the year.

In The Den

Chicago Tribune

Stafford and the Lions have come to a 6-year deal. Click on for details.

David Haugh believes that the Bears should pursue Anquan Boldin. Duh.

Dan Pompei made some calls and makes his final mock draft.

Click on this link. Sir Jay did an interview with a newspaper about his drinking. Make sure to take a look at the title...big kudos to Vaughn for spelling it out to us.

Roger Goodell wants all the attention on him and not on Twitter. I summed up this article for you.

Ole Miss WR Mike Wallace let out that the Bears might pick him at #49. If he did get picked at #49, it would be very bad for my liver.

Chicago Sun Times

Eastern Illinois DE Pierre Walters is getting some late interest from the Bears.

Brad Biggs need #2: Free Safety.

Biggs takes a look at how the current Bears were constructed.

Expiring contracts at the end of next year may affect how the Bears draft, specifically at defensive end.

Notre Dame FS David Bruton is another fella that could be drafted by the Bears.

Biggs picks two players for the top two Bears picks. Take a looksie.

Biggs surmises that Boldin will be traded, and the price is right for the Bears.