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First Day Recap

First, let me explain something to you all. This is Jerry's draft board, courtesy of SackMan:

Instead of throwing left and getting a Michael Okwo or right and getting another Dan Bazuin, Jerry missed the board completely.

#23 had a link that had an interview with Jerry Angelo. In it, he supposedly said that he had his eye on a pass rusher and Robiskie, both of whom were taken. Here's my problem with Jerry's philosophy: If you're drafting in the mid second round, you HAVE to be open to possibilites. You cannot lock into one or two players and say "that's it." You don't trade down for crappier talent out of the cesspool that is the 2009 draft class.

BTW - There seems to be some confusion about the draft start time tomorrow. It starts at 9 AM CDT.

Anyways, follow me inside for my Big Board.

UPDATE (10:36 CDT): Ohio S Mike Mitchell was told to stay close to his phone by the Bears. He was drafted at #47 by Oakland. THIS was the defensive guy the Bears were looking at. Unbelievable.

Before I get to my Big Board, let me congratulate all you who participated in the WCG Mock Draft. You got more picks right than the SB Nation heads!

First Round Mock Draft Standings:

1. ChiFan13 (Twelve: Stafford, J. Smith, A. Smith, Raji, Maybin, Jenkins, Freeman, Harvin, Jerry, Davis, Nicks, Britt)

2. WCG (Nine: Stafford, J. Smith, Maybin, Jenkins, Cushing, Freeman, Jerry, Davis, Nicks)

3. WCG Community (Four: Stafford, J. Smith, Jenkins, Freeman)

4. SB Nation heads (Three: J. Smith, A. Smith, Maybin)

Players Still Available:


Juaquin Iglesias
Louis Murphy
Derrick Williams
Brandon Tate
Mike Wallace
Ramses Barden


Duke Robinson
Herman Johnson


Michael Johnson


D.J. Moore
Coye Francies (Cover 2 corner - Jerry might be interested in this guy. I am)


Rashad Johnson
Chip Vaughn
Chris Clemons (from Clemson)
Emanuel Cook

Use the section below to vent or say anything you wish. Who do you want to see Jerry grab tomorrow? Do you agree with Jerry's strategy on day one? Do any of you think he's a secret genius? Answer the last question carefully.