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NFL Draft Grades - Chicago Bears

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I'm not going to post all of these, they are all pretty much the same.  They either factor in Jay Cutler and give us an 'A' or they don't and give us a 'B' with a wait and see.

FOX Sports:


GM Jerry Angelo took the draft's first day off, but that's because he made his major move weeks ago when trading for Denver quarterback Jay Cutler, a proven performer. Based on his recent results, Angelo's trade for Cutler was undoubtedly better than any players he could have taken in the draft. If Cutler leads the Bears to the playoffs, this draft was a total success.

Oklahoma receiver Juaquin Iglesais was a solid pickup with the 99th overall selection. Some teams rated him in the second round. Vanderbilt cornerback D.J. Moore is a very tough player despite his 5-9 frame. But the steal for the Bears could be San Jose State defensive end Jarron Gilbert, who was known for his You Tube video of being able to jump out of a swimming poolGrade: B-

CBS Sportsline:


USA Today:

• Chicago Bears: Count QB Jay Cutler in this equation, cost Bears their No. 1 and more. Grade goes up if he performs. Bears had real needs in the pass-rush area after no player had more than six sacks last year. DEJarron Gilbert has size and quickness and was a nice grab in the third round. Grabbed another DE in fourth round and a CB as well. Bears knew where their holes were and tried to fill. No real O-line help and could have interior issues.

Yahoo Sports:

Bottom line: B. The lack of a pick in the first two rounds hurts a nice-sized class, and Iglesias isn’t going to solve the wide receiver issues. However, Gilbert could blossom into a good pass rusher from the tackle spot, and the fact that the first-round pick was traded in a deal for quarterback Jay Cutler is factored in.