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Our Draft Picks in 2009

We've talked at length on the strengths and weaknesses of each new Bear. Some have discussed how our picks will contribute this year, but no one has addressed all of them. This is obviously premature, but how do you see our draft picks contributing to the Bears this year? I'll start:

Gilbert - 2nd string

Iglesias - Starter

Melton - 2nd string; possible starter

D.J. Moore - Depth, then eventual starter

Johnny Knox - ST (possibly returning kickoffs)

Marcus Freeman - ST and 3rd string Sam

Al Afalava - ST

Lance Louis - Practice Squad

Derek Kinder - Practice Squad

I see Iglesias starting early because we have horrible WR's and he'll be able to contribute immediately. I don't have a ton of faith in Vasher, so I can see D.J. Moore also starting this year. If Johnny Knox shows flashes of brilliance, I could see him taking return duties with Danieal Manning so Hester can focus on being a WR.