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WCG Rocks The Mocks

I'm not sure how they exactly relate (I'm going to refer to them as a partner site), but Shutdown Corner kept a running tab on how various experts did on their mock drafts compared to the actual draft.

I'm happy to announce the our very own ChiFan trounced them all and that I didn't do half bad myself.  The following is the rankings inserting us into the rankings.

ChiFan13, Windy City Gridiron: 12/32
Mike Mayock, NFL Network: 10/32
WCG, Windy City Gridiron: 9/32
Mel Kiper, ESPN: 8.5/32
The Big Lead: 8.5/32
National Football Post: 8.5/32
Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News: 8/32
Don Banks, Sports Illustrated: 7/32
San Diego Union-Tribune: 7/32
Shawn Zobel, 7/32
Todd McShay: 6/32
Peter King, Sports Illustrated: 5.5/32

Thus proving that we rock and they don't.