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NightLink: Which Division Has the Best QBs?

With the Detroit Lions (yes, there is still a professional football team in Michigan) picking Matt Stafford last Saturday in the NFL draft, let's take a look at each division's QB situation, and see how the NFC North stacks up.  I'll assign a grade for each team, and we'll see who has the best average.


NFC North:

Chicago Bears- Jay Cutler (A)

Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rogers (A)

Detroit Lions- Matt Stafford/ Daunte Culpepper (C)

Minnesota Vikings- Sage Rosenfels/ Tavaris Jackson (D)

Division GPA:  2.75

NFC South:

Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan (A)

Carolina Panthers- Jake Delhomme (C)

New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees (A)

Tampa Bay Bucs- Josh Freeman/ Byron Leftwich (D)

Division GPA: 2.75

NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo (B)

New York Giants- Eli Manning (A)

Philadelphia Eagles- Donovan McNabb (B)

Washington Redskins- Jason Campbell (C)

Division GPA: 3.0

NFC West:

Arizona Cardinals- Kurt Warner (A)

San Francisco 49ers- Alex Smith/ Shaun Hill/ Nate Davis (F)

Seattle Seahawks- Matt Hasslebeck (B)

St. Louis Rams- Marc Bulger (C)

Division GPA: 2.25

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens- Joe Flacco (A)

Cincinati Bengals- Carson Palmer (B)

Cleveland Browns- Derek Anderson/ Brady Quinn (C)

Pittsburgh Steelers- Ben Roethlisberger (A)

Division GPA: 3.25

AFC South:

Houston Texans- Matt Shaub (B)

Indianapolis Colts- Peyton Manning (A)

Jacksonville Jaguars- David Garrard (B)

Tennessee Titans- Kerry Collins (C)

Division GPA: 3.0

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills- Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick (D)

Miami Dolphins- Chad Pennington (B)

New England Patriots- Tom Brady (A)

New York Jets- Kellen Clemons, Erik Ainge, Mark Sanchez (D)

Division GPA: 2.5

AFC West:

Denver Broncos- Kyle Orton/ Chris Simms (C)

Kansas City Chiefs- Matt Cassell (B)

Oakland Raiders- Jamarcus Russell/ Jeff Garcia (C)

San Diego Chargers- Phillip Rivers (A)

Division GPA: 2.75


Reports Card Rankings:

AFC North: 3.25

NFC East: 3.0

AFC South: 3.0

NFC North: 2.75

NFC South: 2.75

AFC West: 2.75

AFC East: 2.5

NFC West: 2.25


Disclaimer:  There are still a lot of question marks that teams will have... for example, I only listed Kurt Warner in Arizona, and only Kerry Collins in Tennessee.  There is still the possibility for teams to signs free agents, so this is by no means a final report card.  Also, I left plenty of things up for discussion (argument)... this is only my opinion, and had a tough time with a few of the grades.  Let me know if you think I hit the nail on the head, or if you think I am delusional...