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Terms of Orlando Pace's deal

So now that we have our QB, do we have the line to protect him?  At this point that is hard to say.  Jerry Angelo has brought in three new players and we don't yet know where they will fit.   I think we can say that our line is not longer horrible.  We do have some talent and we do now have some depth.

Angelo's latest move was to sign Orlando Pace.  Pace gets a three year deal worth 15 million. 

John St. Clair was seeking $5 million per season when he opened contract negotiations with the Bears.

He was a one-time backup to Orlando Pace in St. Louis.

That's what the Bears will pay Pace. He gets a $15 million, three-year deal, and will have the opportunity to earn $11 million in the first two seasons without having to trigger bonuses or incentives.

It is fair to say that Pace signed because we promised him to start at left, so I assume that he is locked in along with Kruetz.  It will be interesting to see how everybody else fits falls in.