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Cutler Press Conference

What (essentially) was said:


- He was waiting for a phone call; really happy how it turned out.

- He loves the history/tradition of the team

- He thinks the two offenses (Bears/Broncos) are similar; and he thinks the weapons that the Bears have are also similar to the Broncos (ChiFan note: He mentioned Rashied Davis as a weapon. Wow.)

- He thinks our receivers are excellent. (ChiFan note: At least he's a decent PR person at pressers)

- Thinks he'll have an easy transition to the Bears

- Really seems excited about the receivers we have. Smiles a lot when he's talking about them.

- Compares this trade to his "second draft day"

- "How are you going to live up to Sid Luckman?" Cutler's response: "Man, I'm gonna have to do some research."

- He's looking forward to being on a running team; thought last year they threw too much

- Had no control over where he got traded

- He thinks that the fans of Chicago have more passion than Broncos


- Everyone's excited; feels as though ballclub's improved since the last game.

- Not asking Jay to be savior; just want him to help us win games (ChiFan note: In other words, a savior)

- Loves Jay's laser-rocket arm


- He's excited about Jay AND Orlando

- Actually, check that: He's very excited about all the pickups

- Thinks the OL can be a position of strength (ChiFan note: Whoops)

- He thinks that the Cutler signing triggered a tsunami energy

- "We have a winning quarterback and we feel really good about that"