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NightLink II: Rookies Arrive at Halas Hall

The rookies have started rolling in to Halas Hall, filling out paperwork, taking pictures, and taking physicals. 

The minicamp will consist of one practice a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and include nine draft picks, nine undrafted free agents and 25 others who will participate on a tryout basis. The minicamp is closed to the public.

Here are some quotes from the newest Chicago Bears...

"I want to show them that they got a good pick in me and that I’m excited to be here and I’m ready to go,” (Juaquin) Iglesias said.

“I’m just going to go out there and give it my best and just be a coachable and humble player and do what the coaches tell me and go out there and play,” said safety Al Afalava, a sixth-round pick from Oregon State.

“I just want to show them that I bring a lot of energy,” (Lance) Louis said. “I play fast and play hard and give a lot of effort. Hopefully they can see that.”

“Everybody’s going to feel out each other,” said linebacker Marcus Freeman, a fifth-round pick from Ohio State. “I know probably after the first couple days, we’re all going to be laughing and hanging out and tired. But it’s an exciting thing and it’s a new thing for everybody.”

It will be interesting to hear the reports out of Halas Hall on Monday.  Hopefully, we have some good practices from positions of need so that we can start weeding out weak links from last season.  We still haven't filled all of the needs, but we are in much better position than last year at this time...