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The Weekend Bears Den - 4/4/09



Switching up the categories today. There will be Cutler stories, non-Cutler Bears stories, and other news and notes.

All Cutler, All The Time

Vaughn McClure discusses whether or not Cutler is a heaven-sent entity.

David Haugh runs down the five men who made the Cutler trade possible.

Mr. Negativity is excited about Cutler. This, along with Friday's entry, makes his career high of two positive posts in a row.

Earl Bennett is excited to have Cutler on the Bears.

Here's a video from Cutler's presser yesterday.

Non-Cutler Stories

Dan Pompei writes about the available veteran WR's that the Bears should look at.

Think the Bears won't be doing draft-day dealing? Think again!

Juaquin Iglesias has scheduled a private workout with the Bears.

Brad Biggs wants the Bears to draft a WR with our 2nd round selection.

Other Stories

Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for clinching their first playoff berth since 2002!