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The Bears Den - 4/6/09


Sorry for the all-Cutler Den again. All links pop.

WCG Note: I just wanted to throw a quick reminder that with all the Cutler activity a lot of Fan Posts and Front Page Posts were buried.  Be sure to go back and check out what you might have missed.

In The Den

On the official Bears site, Larry Mayer runs down what Bears players were present during Cutler's presser. His story also has some interesting tidbits from Chris Williams, Cutler's teammate at Vanderbilt.

David Haugh discusses Cutler's grittiness, from diabetes to off-the-field demeanor.

Rick Morrissey isn't thrilled about the Cutler trade. Surprised? I'm not.

Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen are already on the same page. Can't wait to see that combo next year.

Everyone likes to talk about how Jay Cutler is a whiny baby. Why isn't anyone saying the same thing about Denver owner Pat Bowlen?

An AFC scout offers his take on Cutler. It's a ringing endorsement, if you ask me.

Matt Forte is excited about Cutler, but won't be at the voluntary off-season workouts starting today. Don't worry, he has an excuse: He's finishing his degree at Tulane.

Mike Mulligan offers another ringing endorsement of Cutler.

Neil Hayes writes about a topic that hasn't been discussed yet: It's make or break time for Ron Turner.

In order to make sure we know the real Jay Cutler, Carol Slezak interviewed some people that live in Santa Claus, Indiana (Cutler's hometown).

David Haugh talked to Jack Cutler, who attempted to set the record straight regarding the past between his son and Ron Turner.

In The Vicinity of The Den

Take a Look: A Girls Chicago Football Team

Do we really need an excuse to post another picture of the Chicago Bliss?

Nowhere Near The Den

A judge rejected Michael Vick's plan to overcome bankruptcy.

Apparently, Gisele Bundchen's security shot at two cameramen as they were leaving Tom and Gisele's wedding. Brady's agent has no knowledge of the incident (Helmet tip: ifuwannacrownem)

PFT's take of the Titans' alleging the Redskins tampered with Albert Haynesworth.

Ocho Cinco will lose $250,000 for not showing up to voluntary workouts.