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From the Desk of WCG - 4/8/09

New Day Dawning

I don't know how the whole Jay Cutler deal is going to go down in history.  I think it is fair to say that with his skill set and talent, he could be the best Chicago Bears QB ever (which isn't saying much, but still).  I suppose it could just as easily go the other way and the experiment goes up in a ball of gas and flame and we lost draft picks to get us out.  

Getting to the point, doesn't it just feel good?  How long has it been since QB was not our #1 need and the area we all expected and it usually did let us down? Maybe Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith moved more out of fear for their jobs and maybe they didn't, but in the past when things just looked right,the Bears flinched.  When the perfect storm was brewing of player, team and sitution, we were so used to the Bears closing the storm shutters and waiting for the storm to pass.   This time they put on their boots and got some work done.  

I know there are some that think the Bears are still a ways off and that may not be untrue, but look at where we are.  We have a franchise QB who is 25 and a franchise running back who is only 23.  We have the basis for our offense for the next 10 years at least.  Sure, we don't have our #1 receiver yet and we don't have the 1st round draft pick to get him in the draft, but it doesn't matter.  Recievers can be found all over the draft.  The Bears have a QB with a live arm.  That also makes the Bears a much more attractive destination than it was just a week ago.  

Sure, we currently aren't boasting the league's best offensive line, but it isn't as bad as many will argue. The line is now anchored by Olin Kruetz and Orlando Pace. Yes, they are slowing down, but they haven't gone from All-World to crap overnight. They are just a bit older. They have experience that cannot be matched by young raw talent. Surrond them with youth. Let that experience rub off and let the young guys pick up the slack. Angelo's first move was Frank Omiyale. I still barely know who he is, but I do know that he practiced against one of the league's best in Julius Peppers and I know that no less than 10 teams expressed interest in him. That has to say something about him or his potential. At the right side we have two good young prospects. Second year Chris Williams still may be our future left tackle, but with Pace he has some time and a good mentor. We also have Kevin Schaffer and let's be honest, is there a guy who looks and sounds more like a Chicago Bear football player? The Bears will likely bring in at least one new linemen through the draft. 

It is a bit unnerving to wake up with the idea that this move might have made the Bears a legitamate contender for years to come. Good, but still takes a little getting used to. Now Angelo just has to continue to build around that base.

So be happy, at least until pre season. 


The Cutler Effect 

New WCG Members in the month of March - 120 

New WCG Members since the Jay Cutler Trade (7 days) - 70

Big Arm = Big Numbers

It is amazing how people get excited when their team does something right.  Go figure.

Record Day at WCG:  On the day of the Jay Cutler trade, WCG hit just over 15,000 visits.  

The day after was our second biggest day with 9500.

The Race for 1,000,000 

Currently about 6 SBN NFL blogs have gone over 1,000,000 visits.  Three NFC North teams are in that next batch that could get over that mark this year.  Numbers are as of 4/7.

Windy City Gridiron - 849,242 
Daily Norseman - 719,321
Pride of Detroit - 673,531