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WCG Mock Draft - The Houston Texans Select...


Clay Matthews

ANALYSIS: I was hoping that Malcom Jenkins fell to me, but if he is gone I expect the Texans to go with either of the USC OLBs, Clay Mathews or Brian Cushing. While some say that Cushing is more talented than Mathews I think his injury problems stop him from getting picked this high. Plus, Mathew’s uncle is on the coaching staff so that may help him get picked here. The guys over at the Battle Red Blog seemed to agree with me last I checked. He brings size to their linebacking core and should be able to provide an effective pass-rush opposite Mario Williams. He was found to have steroids in his system so that might hurt his stock, but since this is Houston’s main area of need and Cushing also had steroids in his system, I still see him being picked. (EDIT by ChiFan - None of the prospects alleged to have taken banned substances have officially tested positive) 

Other possibilities: Vontae Davis CB Illinois and Beanie Wells RB OSU.

Pick Team Player Drafter Analysis
1 Detroit Matthew Stafford McRipper Details
2 St. Louis Jason Smith TCBullFrog Details
3 Kansas City Eugene Monroe sabbath999 Details
4 Seattle Michael Crabtree ChiFan13, GeauxBears Details
5 Cleveland Aaron Curry junkhorse Details
6 Cincinnati Michael Oher GeauxBears Details
7 Oakland Jeremy Maclin luckie815 Details
8 Jacksonville B.J. Raji Sackman Details
9 Green Bay Brian Orakpo ChiFan13 Details
10 San Francisco Robert Ayers toghanmahwini Details
11 Buffalo Everette Brown Chad Details
12 Denver Rey Maualuga ifuwannacrownem Details
13 Washington Andre Smith tommite622 Details
14 New Orleans Malcom Jenkins isuarch80
15 Houston Clay Matthews chase17


On the Clock: San Diego Chargers (gillrowdy)

Take a look at the draft order. If you are coming up, make sure you are keeping an eye on.