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The Brady Rule: 2009 rule changes

The NFL competition committee passed four new rules and one major clarification.

Basically they are ways to eliminate the danger in the game. I am not the snappy, witty guy my fellows are; so I’ll just shoot it straight.


Lets start with…..


Special Teams:


Rule #1: Wedges are now illegal: 

Any forming of a wedge that is more than two players will result in a 15 yard penalty.

How this affects us:

 It doesn’t; it will actually help us in coverage because most teams used the wedge whereas we use a man to man scheme.

 My Take:

 Are you serious? This is a pointless rule; it will completely change kickoffs. Expect return TD's to significantly drop this year as teams have to change their scheme.


Rule #2: Can’t have more than 5 players on onside kicks

That will result in a 5yd penalty and a rekick.

How this affects us:

We will have to change our onside kick coverage. But then again so will everyone else. Check.

My Take:

Another pointless rule change, this is ridiculous. Can we get some real rules, please?

Defensive Rules:


Rule #3: No contact to defenseless receiver's head.

Anquan Boldin. That explains this rule well enough; it will be a 15 yard penalty.

 How this affects us:

Do I really need to explain this?

"Yeah I do."

Well this means that a defensive player cannot lead with their head when the receiver is in the air.

My Take:

Totally agree with this one. Great jorb guys.


Brady Rule Adjustment: Not a new rule but an adjustment to an old rule.

The old rule said that you can’t hit a quarterback below the knees; new rules say you can’t do that while on the ground.

How this affects us:

Well this is pretty obvious, I mean really…. Don’t be Bernard Pollard.

My Take:

B.C. I thought that this was a terrible change but now…. All for it!


Offensive Rules


Rule #4: Illegal blindside blocks are illegal?

Ear hole to….. Now illegal. 15 yards for that as well.

How this affects us:

Wait…..  Receivers are supposed to block?  Seriously?

My Take:

Not a bad idea but it really sucks for Hines Ward. That will take a little something from his game.