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The Bears Den - 5/1/09


....where we're happy Bears games don't give us multiple heart attacks (see: Bulls vs. Celtics, Game Six)

In The Den

Chicago Tribune

David Haugh discusses everything Brett Favre and whether or not he'd be good for the Vikings.

C.J.Bacher is wanting to get a contract from the Bears.

Chicago Sun-Times

Here is the updated list of players invited to rookie camp this weekend.

And here is the full list, courtesy of Brad Biggs.

Brad Biggs also has some answers on the Mike Mitchell saga.

Todd McShay has Denver selecting Colt McCoy next year at #13. And yes, that's where the Bears would be picking at. Since McShay can't hold Kiper's jock, I feel relatively comfortable saying that he's completely lost it.

Daily Herald

Former Bear tackle Steve McMichael was elected into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Bob LeGere weighs in on the Cutler-being-diabetic-and-drinking story that died three weeks ago.