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The Bears Den - 5/12/09


....where we wished our blogging contracts had incentives worth up to $1 million.

In The Den

Chicago Sun Times

Yesterday, I brought you a story about WLB Pisa Tinoisamosa. Jeff Dickerson thought that he wouldn't be a good fit for the Bears. Brad Biggs thinks he would be a good fit for the Bears. I'll hopefully be able to bring you the tiebreaker tomorrow.

As we brought you yesterday, Peter King has the Bears ranked 4th in his power rankings.

Instead of hitting you over the head with the Michael Gaines signing, I'm presenting this little ditty for ya: Biggs breaks down Gaines's contract numbers. Looks pretty fair to me.

Chicago Tribune

Pittsburgh Panthers QB thinks that the Bears got a real steal in Derek Kinder.

Huddle Up with Vaughn McClure. Two stories are in this link, so check it out.

Daily Herald

Michael Gaines signing and what it means to our team.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson runs down the list of available veteran WR's.

Again, Jeff Dickerson discusses the Peter King ranking.

John Clayton surmises why the Bears didn't grab an elite WR.

Official Chicago Bears Site

As we brought you yesterday, Matt Forte graduates from Tulane on Sunday.

Here's some pictures from the annual Bears Care Gala.

Larry Mayer reports on Michael Gaines signing with the Bears.