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Could Juaquin Iglesias Be the Bears #2 Receiver?

We all know the Bears wide receiver crew isn't going to strike fear into the hearts of any secondary just yet.  They have a lot of promise and potential, but no real #1 yet. 

It has been assumed with the Bears parting ways with veterans Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd, second-year receiver Earl Bennett would be given the role, leaving Dropapotamus and Know Knox to fight it out for the slot receiver spot.

This article has a pretty blunt one-liner about Bennett.

Earl Bennett (the projected No. 2 receiver) really hasn’t done squat yet.

Iglesias stayed in school longer, and he may have developed more before entering the pros, the article states.

While they go on to say Bennett will likely still start, it does say that the Bears are not locked on Bennett, and if Iglesias puts something together in camp and pre season he may have a shot at the number 2 spot.