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NightLink: Jay Cutler's Contract Numbers


There have been a few questions recently regarding the remaining contract numbers of newly acquired QB Jay Cutler, so I thought it might be a good idea to post them here:

2009: $1.035 million + $100,000 workout bonus

2010: $1.4225 million + $4 million roster bonus

2011: $1.81 million + $12 million roster bonus

2012:  Free Agent


$1.95 million escalator for any year of 2006-2010 that he finishes in the top five in any of the NFL's major passing categories.

$4 million bonus for taking 70% of the snaps in 2009.

$500,000 bonus available 2006-2010 for taking 70% of the snaps and either taking 70% of the snaps in a Super Bowl or winning a Super Bowl.

Although he was looking at possibly having to forfeit his Broncos workout bonus for this year, the Bears are expected to pick up the tab on that.