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The Bears Den - 5/14/09


....where even thinking about Rashied and McKie being on the team gives us heartburn.

In The Den

There are still tickets available for Sunday's Bears Expo.

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere is seeing a strange trend: The media is starting to love the Bears.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson answers questions from readers about Justin McCareins's possibility of being a Bear and where Pisa Tinoisamoa will end up.

DeMaurice Smith, the new NFLPA chief, will be stopping by Halas Hall this afternoon to talk with the players.

Since Rex Grossman is finding it tough to secure a job, Jeff Dickerson runs down the potential suitors for the guy.

NBC Chicago

Maggie Hendricks takes a look at Chicago's professional sports teams' owners and if they are helping or hurting their franchise.

The Sporting News

You will find their 2009 Chicago Bears defensive preview right here.

In The Vicinity of Rex Grossman

I found this lovely picture of Rex and it had to be posted.