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High Fantasy Ranking for Matt Forte

Matt_forte_medium has their fantasy football rankings up and Matt Forte has found himself near the top of the list.  In the Top 100 players, Forte comes in at #2 behind Adrian Peterson.  Obviously, Forte's value increases if it is a reception league.  I'd imagine also having a QB ranked in the Top 10 (#9), something that is completely foreign to Bears fans, helps those out.

Take a look at the top 10: Is Forte ranked correctly?

1) Adrian Peterson

2) Matt Forte

3) Michael Turner

4) Maurice Jones-Drew

5) DeAngelo Williams

6) Chris Johnson

7) Drew Brees

8) Stephen Jackson

9) Brian Westbrook

10) Frank Gore

Other Bears listed:

Jay Cutler: #9 quarterback

Devin Hester: #34 receiver

Earl Bennett: #66 receiver

Greg Olsen: #6 tight end

Desmond Clark: #26 tight end

Robbie  Gould: #16 kicker (I think Gould got rooked here unless they are assuming he gets less FGs with Cutler in town)

Chicago D/ST: #11 (I think this one depends on what stats are used.  The Bears will be near the top of takeaways and the return game)