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The Bears Den - 5/15/09

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....where we still don't understand the usefulness of Twitter.

In The Den

DeMaurice Smith is confident that a new CBA deal will happen.

Chicago Sun Times

Drew Rosenhaus has tweeted or twittered or whatever it is that Adewale Ogunleye and Israel Idonije are wanting to extend their contracts.

Brad Biggs has a story about DeMaurice Smith's trip to Halas Hall and the CBA.

Mike Holmgren expects Jay Cutler to do great things in Chicago.

Daily Herald

DeMaurice Smith sat down with some media types before meeting with the Bears players. Bob LeGere has the entire conversation here.

ESPN Chicago

Smith also said that the NFL owners should open their financial records to the NFL before negotiations for the CBA start in earnest.


They ranked the top offseason trades: The Sir Jay trade was #1.

USA Today

Matt Pitzer thinks that Jay Cutler won't be a fantasy stud this year.