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SundayLinks: The New Salary Cap and Israel Idonije

I wanted to bring you two stories to tide you over for tomorrow's Den.

First, the NFL bumped up their salary cap figure. If you remember, the salary cap bumped from $124 million to $127 million in February. This gain is much more modest in comparison, going up $947,000.

As Vaughn McClure points out:

Although the latest increase is not as significant, extra money is always a positive. Maybe the Bears might consider throwing some of that cash to Adewale Ogunleye and Israel Idonije. Agent Drew Rosenhaus is looking for new deals for both defensive linemen. Before the adjustment, the Bears stood $19 million under the salary cap.

Which leads me to the next story....

Israel Idonije is leaving the contract negotiations with the Bears to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

In an email, Israel stated that:

"On the whole contract deal ... I'm out of all that,'' Idonije said via e-mail. "Drew does his thing, and I gotta focus on doing mine ... getting weight down and getting better this year.''

I really do hope that Angelo ponies up and signs Izzy. He's been a versatile player who has done everything that the coaches have asked him. Am I the only one who wants Israel back on the team in 2010?