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The Bears Den - 5/20/09


....where we're looking forward to the Michael Vick rumors.

In The Den

The Bears are still confident in Caleb Hanie. Jerry's classic line? "We like Caleb."

Chicago Sun Times

Ruben Brown is back in Chicago on a charity motorcycle ride.

Ruben Brown also thinks that Orlando Pace will return to his dominant form.

The Bears have $20.8 million in cap space.

A little more info on the Michael Gaines contract.

Chicago Tribune

Nice story by Vaughn McClure about Jason McKie giving back to the deployed US soldiers.

ESPN Chicago

The Bears have had a lot of success against Favre, and here are some Bears who are probably looking forward to seeing him as a Viking in 2009.

The funniest story of The Den is right here: Rex Grossman will be trying out in front of some UFL coaches in the coming weeks.