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The Bears Den - 5/21/09


....where we wish Rashied Davis would be a man (and 40) and not drop a football for one day.

In The Den

As reported yesterday, Corey Graham worked out at free safety on Wednesday's OTA practice.

Chicago Sun Times

Some news and notes from the OTA.

The Bears have some competition for the services of Rod Hood.

Chicago Tribune

Photos from Wednesday's OTA.

Jay Cutler seemed to impress everyone on Wednesday.

Adewale Ogunleye agrees with Angelo's extension policy, but he does state that he wants to finish his career as a Bear.

Daily Herald

Ron Turner is impressed with Jay Cutler. Continue on down the line.

Jay Cutler was throwing the ball around the OTA with a lot of zip on the ball.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson also thought that Jay Cutler was impressive.

Ron Turner seems to be OK with being on the hot seat and having a new quarterback at the same time.