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How To Spot A Bandwagon Bears Fan


WCG member itsugly is a writer for The Onion AV Club's Chicago-oriented entertainment website, We all know that after the Cutler trade, more people have become Bears fans; itsugly recently wrote "Jock Itch: Faking your way through the Bears' off-season" to help bandwagon fans hold their own with us die-hards. He also used some feedback from Tribune, ESPN Chicago, and WCG writers.

The story is humorous, yet also provides those waking up from a five-month coma with an excellent off-season review. After reading this story, any bandwagon fan with a few working brain cells would be able to hold up for a few minutes with diehard Bears fans.

My favorite comment of the story comes from Steve Rosenbloom, who states:

Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Rosenbloom strongly suggests shifting any conversation on the Bears off-season to the free-agent linemen, if only to throw a die-hard fan off your scent while faking it. He recommends saying something like, "'Great upgrade! Orlando Pace gave up seven fewer sacks than [departed left tackle] John St. Clair'," explaining that "the most insightful fraud is when you move from the glamour position of quarterback to the grunts on the line."