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NightLink2: Zackary Bowman in a battle with DMS

Dear Lovie,

Was that the face you made when Jerry signed Josh Bullocks? That was my reaction; don't worry about it, it'll go away with time. A little tip: whiskey helps.

Anyways, wanted to run something by you. Per this Brad Biggs column, you decided to move Zackary Bowman back to cornerback after you placed him at safety. I wanted to warn you of a dangerous disease that seems to spread like wildfire in Halas Hall.

You were the one who originally caused Danieal Manning Syndrome (DMS). I realize that you might not be up on the latest medical jargon, so let me explain. Danieal Manning Syndrome is a devastating disease caused by over-meddling coaches who can't make up their minds of where a player should play. This disease was coined for the heroic Danieal Manning, whose football career will most likely be cut short by the disease.

Don't you see, Lovie? Now you're putting Zackary Bowman, a mid-round injury-prone pick in danger of DMS. Make sure he's healthy first. A lot of us liked what we saw in him, so don't ruin it. We're going to need all the healthy (and good) bodies in the secondary actually seeing the field this year. Just because Jerry Angelo had to be a bozo and sign Josh Bullocks doesn't give you free reign to act like a buffoon.