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The Bears Den - 5/22/09


....where we're welcoming the release of Rashied Davis with open arms.

In The Den

The Bears released their 2009 training camp schedule.

The Bears' receivers are welcoming Jay Cutler with open arms.

Chicago Sun Times

Brad Biggs has a recap of Wednesday's OTA here and here. Both are great reads.

Mike Mulligan has a story about the expectations on Jay Cutler. Make sure to read Rashied's first quote.

Biggs also takes a look at Hunter Hillenmeyer's production from the Sam.

Speaking of Hillenmeyer, he recently had surgery to repair a sports hernia.

Drew Rosenhaus still thinks that Rex Grossman will be on an NFL roster this year. All the best with that.

Taking a look at the 2008 statistics showed Biggs that Corey Graham was one of the most productive defensive players. It's a good article; don't miss it.

Speaking of good articles, check out this one about the Bears' concerns for the 2009 season.

Chicago Tribune

If you're a season ticket holder, pay attention: The city of Chicago is telling some of you that you owe more taxes on your seats.

Jay Cutler is working tirelessly to gain the trust and respect from his teammates.

Daily Herald

It looks like Cutler's arm strength is so great that Bears receivers are looking towards the Jugs machine to help them adjust to the speed.

If you thought the Corey Graham at FS bit was just an experiment, think again: It looks like it could be permanent.

ESPN Chicago

Here's a long list of Jeff Dickerson's notes from Wednesday's OTA.