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ESPN's Power Rankings: Bears at #12

In the first version of ESPN's Power Rankings for 2009, the Bears have been ranked at #12.  The teams above the Bears are:



1- Steelers

2- Patriots

3- Giants

4- Eagles

5- Colts

6- Ravens

7- Chargers

8- Titans

9- Cardinals

10- Panthers

11- Falcons 

The Bears were voted as high as #7 and as low as #16 by the panel of experts.  The Vikes roll in at #14, Packers at #17, and Lions at #32.  You can click here to see how each person voted.

At 9-7 last season, Kevin Seifert thinks the addition of Jay Cutler could equal 2 more victories in 2009.

What do you think of these rankings?