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The Bears Den - 5/28/09


....where the Bears coverage is so tight, it makes the McCaskey’s wallet jealous.

In The Den


If you follow this link, you can send in questions for Lovie to answer. Also, if one of you poses a question that results in an answer of "Rashied Davis is a Chicago Bear," I will send you $20. No joke.

Chicago Sun Times

Brad Biggs reports on the Pisa Tinoisamoa story (Pisa is now known as LTP for WCG's ease).

LTP looks to be going to either the Bills or the Bears.

Chicago Tribune

As we discussed all day yesterday, it seems as though the Bears are closer to LTP.

Are you a big fan of Matt Jones? No? Well, you'll be happy: Jerry didn't sound too interested in the booger-sugared WR.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson reports on the ESPN power rankings.

Read this one for a good laugh: Carson Palmer sticks up for Cedric Benson. 

A third team has expressed interest in Plaxico Burress, according to Drew Rosenhaus. Let's hope the Bears aren't one of those three.

Jay Cutler has been wowing both Bears fans and media types. Normally, this would be worthy of a "duh," but this is a big day. Imagine a QB who really isn't questioned by the media as a liability....

MVN Outsider

As GB brought you last night, MVN details the top 10 most important Chicago Bears.