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NightLink II: Bears Sign Pisa Tinoisamoa


Today, the Chicago Bears came to terms with Pisa Tinoisamoa.  He signed a 1-year contract, and is expected to be the starting strong side linebacker in front of Nick Roach and Hunter Hillenmeyer.

Said Jerry Angelo:

``We built this team many different ways,'' Angelo said. ``We've done it through the draft, we've done it through the free agency system, we've done it through trades. When you look at our roster over my tenure here, we probably have done it every which way you can do it. We really have. There are some teams that really abide by the draft. There are some teams that really look at free agency. I think we have had a good mesh of both in how we've done this and in a sound way.''

Sounds good to me.  Angelo has made more moves this offseason than any year I can remember... now the pressure is on the coaches to make things happen with the talent they have.