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Where Will Jarron Gilbert and Henry Melton Play?

We can debate whether we have the right guys or the best guys, but taking 2 defensive linemen with two of our first two picks means we have enough guys.  The question is where do newly drafted Jarron Gilbert and Henry Melton fit?

Last year the Bears carried 9-10 linemen.  They currently have 13 on the roster.

Here is how the time was split last year:



Tommie Harris 623 plays, 56.08 percent, 14 games, 13 starts,

Israel Idonije 475, 42.75 percent, 16 games, 1 start

Marcus Harrison 419, 37.71 percent, 16 games

Dusty Dvoracek 401, 36.09 percent, 12 games, 12 starts

Anthony Adams 300, 27.00 percent, 9 games, 4 starts


Adewale Ogunleye 878, 79.02 percent, 16 games, 16 starts

Alex Brown 853, 76.78 percent, 16 games, 16 starts

Mark Anderson 490, 44.10 percent, 16 games

This article guesses with Israel Idonije moving back out to end and Marcus Harrison spending time at nose tackle that leaves room for Gilbert at tackle.

If Mark Anderson takes the next step that could cause a problem getting Melton in.  Biggs suggests that lessening the time Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye are in the line up will keep them fresh.  I'm not interested in seeing Brown on the field less, but Wale has been under fire for a few years now.  He hasn't lived up to the numbers we've been expecting since getting him from Miami a number of years back and he has a nice size contract.  If they decide to they could use Melton there and start phasing Ogunleye out.