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NightLink: Hydroxycut and the NFL

Stephanie from Wisconsin lost 30 pounds! It's so easy....and deadly.

The NFL recently forwarded this link from the FDA about Hydroxycut's effects. Now, usually this stuff is routine and the NFL does it to warn players what is and what is not an allowable substance. The FDA shows how dangerous using Hydroxycut really is:

The FDA has received 23 reports of serious health problems ranging from jaundice and elevated liver enzymes, an indicator of potential liver injury, to liver damage requiring liver transplant. One death due to liver failure has been reported to the FDA. Other health problems reported include seizures; cardiovascular disorders; and rhabdomyolysis, a type of muscle damage that can lead to other serious health problems such as kidney failure.

Liver injury, although rare, was reported by patients at the doses of Hydroxycut recommended on the bottle. Symptoms of liver injury include jaundice (yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes) and brown urine. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, light-colored stools, excessive fatigue, weakness, stomach or abdominal pain, itching, and loss of appetite.

 Moral of the story? Don't take Hydroxycut.