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Breaking Down the Play That Ended The Bears' Season

 So I thought that I'd give you guys a looksie into the play that ended our season last year.

Week 17 vs Texans....


The play started with the base Tampa-2 with the responsibilities of the base defense shown.


The offense is running an easy I formation, a very common running formation, as evidenced by the fullback and strong side TE. This formation is a power running formation with the fullback typically leading through the 3 or the 5 hole and engageing the linebacker on the second level. Kyle Shanahan sees the Tampa base and employs what coordinators call a cover -2 beater.

Inside we can take a look at the Play....

 # 1 is the Play-action. The fullback steps to the 5 hole and blocks.  Schuab fakes the hand off to Slaton who delays a flat route.

This is essential to the play because it forces the S to step up to look run.  The only safety that is supposed to do that is Kevin Payne the SS. Danieal Manning makes the Nickel Back read and steps up to play the run as well.


#2 is the #2 reciever, in this case Andre Davis, running a stop route designed to enter and exit the corner's cover responsibilities thus containing the corner for the flat route or the TE post pattern in #4.

Tillman does exactly what he is supposed to do and sits in his coverage and reads Matt Schaub's eyes.  There is nothing else he can do except play his responsibilities.


#3 is the danger of this route combo, the post corner. Andre Johnson is already a excellent route runner combined with the flawless Play- Action the route is designed to slip through the passing of coverage by Corey Graham to Danieal Manning and be wide open.

Graham played his responsibility correctly staying with Johnson until it was time to pass him off to Manning but Manning bit on the Play-Action in #1 and was not there to take Johnson.


#4 is a Safety Net.  It is an easy throw to the TE that is between the coverages and is the second option in the combo.

It was played perfectly by us, in no place was Owen Daniels actually open in this play, Roach passed him to Tillman who stayed with him.

In this Play the reads should look something like #3,#4,#2, #1. With the #2 route opening up the #4 or vice versa. The read on this play is a no-brainer for Schuab because Andre Johnson is easily wide open by 5 yds. Which leads to a TD and seals our fate for 2008.

But as many of you are asking now. Haven't we seen this play before?

February 2007, Receiver: Reggie  Wayne, Result: TD.  Same Base D, slightly different O.


The only difference is #2, a skinny post pattern, that was run to confuse the corner and get between the coverages.   Same bite, same Result.

I am going to hearsay this but I know Riveras Brother in Law so...

Apparently, Lovie told Ron he needed to be more aggressive with the safeties. That may have been part of the reason that Manning bit on the play action or maybe it was the Skinny post the was run inside the coverage that made him bite.